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Pye Brothers Fuels is proud to offer oil fired fireplaces manufactured in Canada by PSG Distribution Ltd. We have fireplaces to meet several budgets. We also install, and service what we sell

Dragon Oil-Fired Stove

The Dragon is a subtle blend of elegance, finesse, and luxury. A textured finish available in many colours; 24 K gold or chromium plated trimmings. The Dragon is equipped with a 6 position regulator. A gravity feeder and a cooking surface leave you self-sufficient during power failures. Once you have been seduced by its looks, its warmth and its practicality, the mysterious Dragon will leave you infatuated.

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Phenix Oil-Fired Stove

Phenix: Synonymous with survival, resistance, and self-sufficiency. The reassuring flame is adjustable from blue to yellow by a six position control. The Phemix is sturdy and strong. Gravity fed, clean-burning, and easy to care for.Phenix offers you all the electricity free, self-sufficiency you need, first and foremost as a heating unit, and then as a cooking surface.
Phenix: trustworthy assets, unmatched properties, trademarks of a strong supporter, now and for a long time.

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Falcon Oil-Fired Stove

The Falcon is a symbol of survival, resistance, and self-sufficiency, was destined for challenges and dominates in the heat of action. Fast, Falcon captures the surrounding space which it overcomes with soft, comforting heat. It has a reassuring flame which you can easlly adjust by a six-position control. The Falcon is gravity-fed, clean burning, and very easy to care for. It also meets your basic needs in case of an emergency.

For more information on Oil-fired stoves visit our Mountdale location, or send us your requirements by clicking here.



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