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Aqua Air

An affordable way to convert from electric to oil heating! If you have forced air, now you can heat your water with oil, and your air with hot water. Introducing the new combination hot water/central air heating and cooling system from Aero.

The perfect solution for heating conversions and new home construction. This dynamic combination begins with Aero's industry leading oil-fired water heaters. With computer assisted design and high output oil burner efficiency, our water heaters are engineered for high volume, rapid recovery and reliable performance. And all our water heaters have an available immersion aquastat for better control of the system.

When thermostatically triggered, a small pump forces hot water to flow into the handler unit. The space-saving design of our air handler doesn't require external venting. This allows for easy installation, even in small or awkward spaces. Once the hot water is in the handler, the high-efficiency coil heats the surrounding air. Finally, the fan in the air handler forces the warm air into the ductwork and evenly throughout the house. You can even add an air conditioning coil to the handler for a complete hot/cold central air system.


Space saving air handler unit

High-efficiency hot water coil


Air Handler Model  Recommended Water Heater Max. Firing BTU (140F EWT) Weight Motor
Blower Data
CFM VS External Static Pressure
Circulator Pump G.P.M.
 HC-5580 CF-32T/A, CF-50T/A, RF-30(s).
Flow kit, mixing valve incl.
 55,500 30
 - - .57 850 at .24 w.c. 6.5
 HC-5580 RF-50, RF-70
Flow kit, mixing valve incl.
80,000 30
- - .57 1500 at .66 w.c. 6.5
MP-25 CF-32T/A, CF-50T/A Circulator, mixing valve incl. 25,000 37
 1/4 1.8 .8 360 at .17 w.c. 5.25
MP-55 CF-32T/A, CF-50T/A,
Circulator, mixing valve incl.
55,500 117
1/3 5.2 .57 850 at .24 w.c. 6.5
MP-75 CF-32T/A, CF-50T/A,
Circulator, mixing valve incl.
75,000 122
1/2 7.6 .57 1250 at .24 w.c. 7.0


1. Sizing is extremely important ­ all installations must have an accurate heat/loss calculation done.
2. Installations must have 3/4" piping from the water heater to the air handler.
3. Piping length should not exceed 200 feet.
4. Insulate all piping.
5. Solder all connections using lead free solder.
6. Hating BTU is calculated using 140F entry water temperature.
7. Mixing valves must be used.
8. Heating BTU will not exceed output of water heater.
9. Larger water heaters may be used where domestic water demand is high.

Features and Benefits

COIL HC-5580

Add on heating coils for duct mounting

Can be installed vertically or horizontally in new or existing duct work
Copper tube heating coil
Manual air vent
Flow kit required
Flow kit includes bronze circulator pump, check valve, mixing valve relay c.w. wiring harness and junction box

MP-25, MP-55 & MP-75

Heating only air handlers
Upflow, downflow and horizontal installations
Manual air bleed on hot water copper tube heating coil
Blower delay relay allows circulating pump to operate on a call for heat before the blower motor comes on
Circulator kit required
Circulator kit includes bronze circulator pump, check valve, mixing valve
Factory installed filter
MP-25 has a washable filter
Fully insulated casing to reduce noise and maximize efficiency
120 volt blower motor
3-speed blower motor for MP-55 & MP-75
Variable speed reverse impeller motor with rheostat for MP-25
24/120 volt relay/transformer

 Water Heaters Max. Recommended BTU Heating Capacity
CF-32T/A 63,000
CF-50T/A 63,000
RF-30/S 72,000
RF-50 113,000
RF-70 147,000

 Model H W D
HC-5580 18" 5-1/2" 25-7/8"
MP-25 10" 14-3/8" 30"
MP-55 18" 26-1/2" 29-3/8"
MP-75 20" 26-1/2" 30-7/8"

 MP-25 3/4"
MP-55 3/4"
MP-75 3/4"

   Supply Return
MP-25 12"X12" 12"X8"
MP-55 15"X21" 22-1/2"X14"
MP-75 15"X21" 22-1/2"X16"

Air handlers are ULC listed
Water heaters are ULC listed for combination systems
Water heaters are ULC & CSA certified

Air handlers and coils: HC-5580, MP-25, MP-55 and MP-75 are covered by a 1 year warranty if sized properly.
Water heaters: standard warranties apply when installed with properly sized air handlers and coils.
Extended warranties are available.